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The tourist who Does not include Syria in the Itinerary of his/her tour to the Middle East obtains an incomplete picture of the history of civilization and deprives himself of deep impressions that will not be found in any other place. Damascus, Aleppo, Palmyra, the first Alphabet in Ugarit, Aramaic language of the Christ is still spoken in Maalula, religion sites, 33 civilizations, and 11 thousands sites with magic sounding names are touristic places, possessing treasures of the most magnificent kind ever to be offered by the East to the eyes of visitors.

Syria is at the head of the countries that are proud of their archeological sites, heritage and cultural property.

Syria is often described as the largest small country in the world because of its wealth of ancient civilization. Modern man is indebted to this land for much of his thought and learning. Indeed it was aptly said that every intellectual has two homelands: his own, and Syria.

It is deemed to be the gate of human civilization and that each building in it has a historical story and each archeological site has along exciting tale.

The archeological sites are deemed to be an important collection of historical documents and accounts of civilization that maybe a reliable source to record history at our present age in which history is considered as the science of documentation, security and investigation.

If you are interested in history and historical monuments, you cannot miss Syria because there is a monument around every corner and there is no civilization in the east or west throughout the world history that didn't pass through Syria and leave a mark in Syria as well as being effected by Syria's long history. This is why Syria was called rightfully "The cradle of civilizations".

Syria's streets are among the world's safest and the crime rate is very low and people wonder in the streets at any time in Syria's lively summer nights.


A journey through Syria is a journey through time.

Entry & Exit Formalities:

Any foreigner who wants to visit Syria should have a valid passport.

A valid entry visa, issued by the Syrian embassy or consulate in the visitor’s country, should be obtained.

In case there is no Syrian diplomatic mission in the country of the holder of the passport, he can obtain the entry visa from any Syrian diplomatic mission aboard or from the Syrian entry check point at the borders through which the visitor will come.

The groups visa comprising eight persons or more are given free block visa stamped on the list containing their names. Nevertheless, each one of them should have his own valid passport.

The visitor whose stay in Syria exceeds 15 days should extend the period of his stay stamped on his passport from the immigration authorities.

The passport of the visitor should bear no Israeli visa.

Visa fees are calculated on reciprocal bases with the country of the holder of the passport.

The visitor does not need an exit visa if his stay in Syria does not exceed 15 days

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